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RVPO - Temporary Residence Permit for Education

Starting from 1st of January, 2023 under the Federal Law No. 357-FZ of 14 July 2022, RVPO can be applied for by:

Students of Russian state educational or scientific organizations studying full time degree programs of bachelor’s; specialist; master’s; internship; assistantship; postgraduate.

*Students of online programs, as well as students of international preparatory programs are not eligible to apply for RVPO.

Advantages of RVPO

  • Your permit will be valid until the end of your study course + extra 180 calendar days;
  • You will receive a visa for the entire period of RVPO without any need of extension each year;
  • You will be able to stay in Russia without leaving until the end of RVPO*;
  • You may get employed while studying;
  • You will be eligible for free medical services under the OMI policy.

* Note: You may stay in HSE dormitories only until the end of your study course as indicated in your study documents. Obtaining RVPO doesn't extend your period of stay in the dormitories longer than your study course period.

Limitations of RVPO

  • RVPO is only valid at the region where you study;
  • If you work, your employment will be cancelled upon expiration of RVPO;
  • You can’t stay outside of Russia over 6 months (in total during a year)
  • You can’t commit repeated administrative offence (2 and more times) within 1 year;
  • You may only apply for permanent residence permit after you graduate.

You may be eligible for the acquisition of RVPO if

  • You have not been subjected to administrative expulsion or deportation from Russia within the last 5 years;
  • You have not been convicted of administrative offences within 1 year, nor have a criminal record for serious legal offence;
  • You don't consume drugs or psychotropic substances;
  • You have no infectious diseases dangerous for public health

List of documents required to apply for RVPO

  • Filled in application form (x2);
  • Passport of the applicant, and notarized translation of the entire passport
  • Photo 3,5 х 4,5 mm;
  • Certificate proving the absence of criminal record with apostille (from your country or embassy of your country in Moscow)*;
  • Documents proving the enrollment into the educational institution - as a student of HSE you may order and obtain these documents at Student Service Center (certificate of attendance, extract from enrollment order, accerditation and license of the university)**. Also, you may order one extra document directly at Visa Center (office D006);
  • State fee payment confirmation;
  • Registration slip;
  • Migration card;
  • Medical examination certificate and obligatory fingerprinting certificate;
  • Important: All foreign documents should be translated and verified by a Russian notary.

* Criminal record certificte is not required from students who have visa-free entrance to Russia.

**PhD Students can request documents about education for RVPO through their doctoral school.

Why you may be rejected

  • If you fail to provide some obligatory information or provide false information;
  • If you apply damaged or expired documents;
  • In case you refuse to undergo obligatory medical examination and fingerprinting
  • If you commit any administrative offices;
  • If you leave Russia for permanent stay in another country or stay outside of Russia over 6 months;
  • If you change mode of study to online or part-time, or terminate studies before graduation.

How to apply for RVPO step-by-step

Step 1: Get registered at https://mc.mos.ru/ru *;

Step 2: Collect and upload the requested documents;

Step 3: Get confirmation and receive appointment by email;

Step 4: Apply all documents in person at Sakharovo migration center.**

Step 5: Wait for up to 38 working days and monitor the status, if approved, go to Sakharovo migration center to get your RVPO stamp (and visa, if applicable) in the passport;

Step 6: After your receive a stamp of RVPO and a visa (if applicable), you have 7 working days to update your registration at the place of stay (by contacting the passport officer of the dorm, or the owner of your rented apartment);

Step 7: Don't forget to inform HSE Visa and Registration Center on your new documents by sending scans of RVPO stamp and visa to the email visa-registration@hse.ru

*The website is in Russian; also, be prepared to use Russian when you apply in person at the migration center.

** Even if you are registered in Moscow region, you still should apply through Sakharovo MMC, because RVPO is issued by authorities according to the legal address of the university where a student studies, i.e. Moscow.


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