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Obligatory medical examinations,fingerprinting and official photographing for international staff

Medical examination

What procedures need to be done and what samples should be submitted?

Foreign citizens entering the Russian Federation for the purpose of employment must, within 30 days, undertake medical examinations, including blood tests for narcotic substances and possible infectious diseases (e.g., tuberculosis, Hansen’s disease, syphilis, and HIV).

The examinations include: 

  • blood tests;
  • chemo-toxicology analysis;
  • X-ray or computer-assisted tomography;
  • examinations by various specialists: infectious disease specialist (general practitioner), tuberculotherapist, dermatologist/venerologist and addiction psychiatrist.

What medical examinations are necessary for minors?

Accompanying family members of highly qualified specialists, including children over six years of age, are also required to undergo fingerprint registration, photographing and a medical examination.

Children between the ages of six and 13 do not need to get tested for narcotic substances and examined by an addiction psychiatrist.

Types of tuberculosis tests for children between the ages of six and 17 have been expanded depending on age (6-7, 8-14, and 15-17).

Where can medical examinations be passed?

International staff members can undertake all medical procedures in a single visit at the following locations:

How often should medical examinations be passed?

Documents confirming that an individual has undertaken medical examinations will be valid for one year from the date of their issue. Therefore, international staff only need to undertake medical examinations once a year.

What happens if I fail to undergo medical examinations on time?

The following sanctions may be enacted with respect to those persons who do not undergo medical examinations or fail to do so within the set deadline:

  • annulment of their work permit, if it has already been issued or is currently being processed;
  • reduction of their stay in the Russian Federation.

HSE University can provide necessary administrative, informational and legal support to its staff members to avoid any situations when the sanctions may be applied.

Is migration registration at one’s place of residence necessary for undertaking medical examinations? How does this work with respect to HQS staff members?

The field with one’s registration details must be filled in when completing the form for medical examination certificates. As such, prior to planning a visit to a medical institution, a registration slip must be issued, regardless of one’s type of visa (HQS or regular work visa).

Can any of the medical results be later submitted during a periodic medical examination?

Once you have been X-rayed, you can ask the medical assistant to have your results printed out, properly stamped and issued to you. You may also obtain the original photo of your lungs.


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