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For Teachers (Regular Work Visa)

1. What should I do when crossing the border?

You will be requested to provide a passport with a valid Russian visa and a migration card. You will be given the migration card on your flight, train or at the passport control booth. 

If you are crossing the Russian border by transit through Belarus make sure to obtain a migration card BEFORE entering Russia on the border point with Belarus - ask for the migration card to be issued for you by the migration officer at the Belarusian border point.

While checking your migration card (or if you need to fill it in on your own), refer to our sample migration card. Make sure that the purpose of your visit is stated as ‘Work’ on the migration card.

If you identify a mistake on your migration card at the checkpoint, please inform the border agent/immigration officer about this.

If you find a mistake on the migration card after you have already gone through passport control, you will probably need to leave Russia and request a new invitation from the inviting subdivision. The visa process is outlined here.

2. What should I do after crossing the border?

Upon every entry to the Russian Federation, foreign citizens and stateless persons must get registered with migration authorities. Please remember that timely migration registration is your personal responsibility.

Violations of these rules may result in a fine of up to 7,000 roubles, as well as possible deportation from the Russian Federation and ban on entry to the country for up to 3 (three) years.

The procedure for receiving a registration slip may vary depending on where you plan to reside. This service is provided free of charge.

Please remember that you must keep your registration slip and migration card up to your departure from Russian, as you may be requested to present these documents when crossing the border.

I will be staying in a private flat

The owner of your flat should help you with getting a registration slip within 7 (seven) days from the date of your arrival in the Russian Federation. Please contact them on the first working day after your arrival with your passport and migration card. Your landlord may refer to our instructions.

You may need a special petition from HSE University. For this, you must send a request to the Visa and Registration Centre by contacting: visa-registration@hse.ru. If the migration office of the Ministry of Internal Affairs/Multifunctional Centre for the area where you reside requires a petition, which differs from the standard form, please attach a file with a sample of the requested document (samples are usually found on stands at the migration office/Multifunctional Centre or may be provided by an officer there).

When your petition is ready, you will receive the document and be able to pick it up at any time from the outbox for correspondence at the Visa and Registration Centre. The processing time for your request for a petition is up to 3 (three) working days.

Find out from your landlord about when you can pick up your registration slip. While checking your registration slip, please refer to our sample registration slip. If you uncover any mistakes, contact your landlord. You should receive a new registration slip in several days. In the meantime, keep the registration slip with the mistake on your person.

I will be staying in a hotel/hostel

The hotel receptionist will take care of your registration – don’t’ forget to pick it up!

Check your registration slip, referring to our sample registration slip. If you find a mistake in this document, immediately inform the hotel receptionist about this. You should be able to get a replacement registration slip within several days. In the meantime, keep the registration slip with the mistake.

3. Which other procedures should I undergo after arrival to Russia?

Foreign citizens* who arrived to Russia after December 29th, 2021 to stay over 90 days are obliged to undergo the following compulsory procedures within 30 days since their arrival:

* Citizens of Belarus, as well as holders of Russian temporary and permanent residence permits are exempt from these procedures.


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